Taishin Financial Holdings has always had a strong commitment to social and corporate responsibility. From 2002 onward, when Taishin supported the reconstruction of Nantou County after the 921 earthquake, the main focus of Taishin Financial Holding’s charity work has been to promote economic autonomy. Using the “Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime” philosophy in combination with the leveraging of corporate resources as well as an advanced knowledge of e-commerce, Taishin Financial Holdings aims to support the sale of agricultural goods, as well as the development of the industries that produce them.

After observing the “Care for Taiwan Series” Program, which ran for many years, Taishin realized that effective social service and responsibility requires a long term commitment and outlook. Thus, Taishin Charity Foundation was established in 2010 with an aim of implementing charity program with long term visions and goals in cooperation with other agencies and foundations. With this foundation, Taishin can now better fulfill its commitments to social responsibility by providing economic autonomy to more communities and people who are disadvantaged.

Taishin Charity Foundation aims to assist and support:
1.Natural disaster relief and the resulting medical care challenges.
2.Disadvantaged individuals in enhancing their life skills and improving their situation.
3.Other charitable organizations and foundations in their quest to support society or social issues discussion.
4.Events supported by the guidance of relevant authorities and agencies.
Other matters which are related to social and public welfare.